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  • The Team

American Paranormal Research Association is a scientific paranormal research team that was put together solely to investigate historical locations throughout the united states. Our goal is to open the eyes of the scientific community in trying to understand the unexplainable and to obtain proof that life after death is a great possibility. Unexplainable pieces of concrete evidence captured with today's technology and tested with scientific instruments from other industries have produced no results, therefore, leaving them unexplainable. Our mission is to collect hard, irrefutable paranormal evidence to present to the public and scientific community.

President/Founder A.P.R.A. - Brandon Alvis has always had interests and questions about the paranormal after tragically losing two brothers, one to cancer and the other to suicide. Starting with a few friends using standard tools and procedures, he realized the many mistakes "commonly found" when investigating the paranormal. This motivated him to propagate a team specializing in many fields and to develop new methods not only reliable but convincing, introducing the "scientific approach" and naming this team: "American Paranormal Research Association" aka A.P.R.A. This new approach along with his leadership and entrepreneurial skills has propelled A.P.R.A., becoming a highly recognized name. His hard work, dedication and passion to this science are greatly respected, often allowing A.P.R.A. to investigate in areas normally closed-off to others. Pioneering fundraisers and special events, he along with his team, provide participants an insight into the paranormal wherein proceeds go to the preservation of the historical structure. His determination to find "cold hard facts, to prove or disprove" makes A.P.R.A. what it is today.

Field Investigator/Audio Specialist A.P.R.A.- Vermont Native Jeremy Sicotte was gifted a Little Tikes cassette recorder at the age of three. He hasn't stopped recording since. In high school Jeremy played in bands and graduated a year early to pursue his musical career in Southern California. Within months he signed to an independent record label and worked with multiplatinum producers, leading him to shift gears and devote his studies to the recording arts. He enrolled at Berklee College of Music for Audio Engineering and Production, graduating at the top of his class. Having always been fascinated by the idea of "ghosts", his love of audio would collide with the paranormal during the five years he has lived at The Glen Tavern Inn, one of the most haunted locations on the west coast. At the Glen Tavern Jeremy has had free range to conduct research, develop his ear and the tools for capturing and analyzing EVP. Jeremy is confident that through research, technology, and innovation we will be able to understand how spirit communication is possible and what factors contribute to it.

Field Investigator / Researcher A.P.R.A. - Having lived in a haunted home in early childhood Matt Goldman has always had an appreciation for the extraordinary. He has spent his life investigating the spiritual and supernatural. Wandering into old dwellings and haunted locations, walking miles drumming with Buddhist monks, meditating and recording dreams, he has sat in Native American sweat ceremonies, fasted, and gone to great lengths to have first hand experiences. Surprisingly, because of his experience he has a healthy skeptical side. Not everything you think is true, so repeat verification and analysis is imperative to any conclusion in this area. His experience in this field, his skepticism, and his desire to uncover the mysteries that surround us are indisposable assets to A.P.R.A. He brings genuine curiosity, humor, and passion into a living science. The pursuit and discovery of the dark and undiscoverable.

Tech Manager - Michael Rudie's interest in the paranormal began at a very young age. At around five years old he had his first paranormal experience in his family's old two story house. He awoke to a full body apparition standing outside his room floating above the stairs. After this life altering experience Michael began to question the existence of ghosts. In his freshman year of high-school he met Brandon Alvis, among their common interests was that of the paranormal field. Michael’s passion for History leads him to study the subject as his major in college. Acting as technical manager for A.P.R.A. Michael brings technical knowhow as well as an insight into historical research.