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World-Renowned Scientist Dr. Harry Kloor Teams Up With American Paranormal Research Association
This union will be featured on the Discovery Channel production “The Unexplained Files”

May 30th, 2014 - Los Angeles, CA - American Paranormal Research Association (APRA), a scientific paranormal research organization specializing in research and documentation of haunted historical locations, announced that they are teaming up with world renowned scientist, Dr. Harry Kloor (PhD PhD) to document and classify paranormal phenomena. According to the council of graduate schools, the national research council and US department of education, Dr. Kloor is the only person to earn two PhDs simultaneously in any discipline. He holds PhDs in Physics and in Chemistry. The collaborative effort of APRA and Dr. Kloor will begin on the Discovery Channel production “The Unexplained Files” this September airing across Science, Discovery, and Discovery International Channels.

“The Unexplained Files is an unabashed telling of some of the world's best and most baffling true stories. Uncover some of the world's most profound and disturbing mysteries with smart investigative journalism and creative style that will launch you into an exploration of the unknown.”

What will happen when a world renowned scientist and a team of paranormal researchers go head to head with the unexplainable?

(APRA) Founder Brandon Alvis had this to say about the pairing – “Dr. Kloor brings a whole new dimension to our research into ghosts and hauntings. This is the first time that a scientist of Dr. Kloor’s caliber has teamed up with a paranormal research organization such as ours. APRA has always been scientific in principle, with the assistance of Dr. Kloor and cutting edge technology we will take paranormal research to the next level. We are very excited to work with such a respected scientist and we can’t wait to share our findings with the public and scientific community.”

Dr. Kloor had this to say about the pairing – "The universe is constantly amazing us with its magnificence. We discover new phenomena at all scales of existence from the subatomic world to galactic clusters. As a scientist I do not believe in the paranormal, because I don't think it is something to believe in, but instead something to be explored, examined, and catalogued. For thousands of years we human have encountered so called paranormal phenomena. Certainly much of it is our imagination and keyed to our pattern recognition-danger response system. But not all such events can be explained away. Is it really paranormal or just odd or unusual science events masking themselves as paranormal. The only way to determine this is via scientific investigations that follow strict scientific methods. I decided to work with APRA because they too want to more than believe, they want to know, and they embrace the scientific method. They don't adhere to the idea that science will "interfere or scare away" the phenomena, but think that hard science, if applied appropriately could capture this phenomena. They are also open to the fact that many claims of paranormal have ordinary explanations. Like me they don't just want to believe, they want to know the truth."

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